There are three different ways to access your personal cloud that EggPlug sets up for you:

  • Just use a browser, type in your unique url (e.g and you have full fledged access to all of your media and your documents, protected by your passphrase.

  • If you own an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone 7 or an iPad, you can download the free “Egg Plug” application from the respective application xstores and have access to your media and documents while on the go.

  • EggDrive is a special software for your Mac, Linux or Windows based PCs that extends your remote storage connected to the EggPlug and makes it available as a virtual drive on your computer. Just double click on the drive and you are good to go.

EggPlug’s ScrambleCast technology allows you to listen to your music or watch videos remotely with just a browser or with the EggPlug mobile applications that run on the iPad, BlackBerry, Android, iPhone or Windows phone.
Share data with friends and family, lots of it
Just click on the “Share” button in the user interface displayed next to files or folders and you are good to go. Share photo albums, videos, documents or any other files without uploading them. You can share them via FaceBook, Twitter or Email.
Don’t worry about hard drive crashes
Thats the reason we integrated the EggRack service right into the EggPlug. Just tell EggPlug what your most important folders are and it will sync it with the EggRack cloud. Whats more, EggRack is a versioned backup service, which means it saves all versions of your files as they change over time.
Hang ‘em high, the Viruses
Data from our security labs suggests that the percentage of malware spreading exclusively via removable storage media is on the rise. The EggPlug integrates award winning Anti-Virus software from K7 Computing. The on-access anti-virus software engine scans files as and when you access them in realtime in the background. The auto-update feature ensures that the virus definitions are up to date. You are notified via email if any malware activity is detected. The anti-virus feature is free for the first year of use. You may subscribe to it if you like after this period.
EggPlug Download Links
EggPlug software for Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, iPhone and iPad.

EggDrive software for Windows, Linux and Mac.

All good things have to wait. Our offering is just days away from public consumption. Our chefs are giving the final touches to make it worth waiting for. Please do stalk us.
Get Help
If you are looking to do something specific with the EggPlug, there are chances you will find them in the EggPlug Wiki(

Get talking with other users of EggPlug in the EggPlug Community( The gurus of EggPlug hang out there as well. It is most likely that your questions might get answered very quickly.

If you have something specific, drop us a line and we will be very happy to help you:
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